William Standfield, Earl of Carlston, more commonly known as Lord Carlston is the male lead of the Lady Helen book trilogy.




Lord Carlston married to Lady Elise de Vraine, a french noblewoman. Three years prior to the events of The Dark Days Club, Lady Elise disappeared under suspicious circumstances, and Lord Carlston was commonly thought to be involved in her disappearance or even her death. Carlston believed that a Deceiver was involved in her disappearance. After consuming the Legatus in The Dark Days Pact, Lady Helen Wrexhall learned that Lady Elise was had been a spy for France, and faked her own death because she believed she was in danger of being discovered as a spy.

Lord Carlston is in love with Lady Helen Wrexhall. He called her "Amore mio"[1]. The two share a powerful kiss while undercover as a gay couple.



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